Done With Her

Author : Chirasree Bose

Publisher : Evincepub Publishing 

Genre : Thriller

Pages : 98

Beyond Wonderland Regular

A gripping tale of love, lust, obsession and murder. It’s a kick in the guts. Love that’s raw, lust that’s insane and obsession that’s frantically irresistible. Twists will keep you on the edge while the truth will stab at your subconscious.

Avesh Mathur, a techie stumbles upon the enchanting and sultry Spreeha at work. Every man in his office wants to have her. But he is struck with horror. She happens to resemble a girl from his past. The past that he’d do anything to keep under wraps.

Spreeha lives next door to Avesh. She watches him furtively day and night even though she has a lover. He intrigues her, however, she’s not done with her lover. She wants them both because they remind her of someone. 

What tragedy awaits Avesh? Is the girl he’s madly falling for as beautiful on the inside as on the outside? Will he finally have to face the frightening truth that he’s been stashing for two years?

Beyond Wonderland Regular

A short but a gripping read which will keep you hooked till the last page. Done With Her is a perfect thriller you need to read this summer.
It’s a gripping tale of love, lust, obsession and murder.

Avesh Mathur was attracted to Spreeha at work. Spreeha is all what a guy wants- beautiful, hot, enchanting and what not. Avesh had his eyes set on her. But he was struck with horror when he realized that she resembled someone from his past, the past which is itself a horror.

Later, Avesh noticed that Spreeha was living next to his apartment. They both used to stare at each other, but Avesh was left heartbroken when he got to know that she already had a lover. He was hell bent on owning Spreeha. But suddenly his world broke down – his PAST returned only to take revenge.

The story is a unique one and I loved reading it. Since it’s a small and quick read I was more into the book . The characters were well built. The twists are to die for. The narration is smooth and the book is fast paced. The language used by the author is easy and understandable . The book is a short and a quick read and would definitely not bore you.

Definitely Recommended

Beyond Wonderland Regular
Beyond Wonderland Regular
Beyond Wonderland Regular

*I received a free copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review*


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